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Note: The links below are related articles from The Daytona Beach News-Journal.

Career Exploration
      · Help wanted for recent college grad
      · What not to do if changing careers

To Drive or Not To Drive
      · Beach access key to newest plan, developer says
      · Beach driving foes take aim at Flagler County
      · Soft sand a hazard for beach drivers
      · Beach driving foes plan new suit
      · A conservation plan for the right reasons
      · Concessionaires a staple for all things rentable
      · Volusia sets goal to ban beach driving
      · Sea turtles may shed light on human health
      · Crowd sees off saved sea turtles Saturday
      · Some fear Daytona losing soul

Employability Skills
      · Goodwill employee expands job club
      · Senior citizens can enjoy tuition-free learning at DBCC
      · Contacts still best way to find job

The Human Body — an Introduction
      · Preventative health care makes sense

Introduction to Agriscience
      · High school agriscience: More than ‘cows and plows’
      · Suburban pupils learn farming origins of food
      · Pierson: An agricultural town
      · Floating excavator restores marsh

      · Computer business focuses on concepts, trends
      · Writing guru outlines steps to getting your prose published

Safe Food: It’s Your Job Too!
      · Care handling food may avoid illness
      · Food-borne illness reports drop in Volusia
      · Irradiated meat on area store shelves
      · Culinary pros want patients to eat well, get well

Spreadsheet (Excel) Applications
      · Tips to guard finances during hurricane season
      · Club gets Emergency Management update

Using Electrical Portable and Stationary Tools Safely
      · Safe for special workers
      · OSHA boss encourages voluntary protection

What is an Algorithm Anyway?
      · ‘Day of Technology’ aims to spark early interest in ATC

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