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Meet Me at the Mall

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Volusia Mall sells for $119M
CBL & Associates Properties Inc., the biggest shopping center operator in the Southeast, has paid $119 million to buy Volusia Mall, citing the mall´s potential to produce greater income.

Burdines, Macy´s combining names
The effects of merging Macy´s and Burdines department stores began appearing nationwide last week, including at Volusia Mall.

Burgers and fried fish leaving mall
It´s not quite fast-food flight, but the downtown mall in West Virginia´s capital city said it has declined to renew the leases of McDonald´s and Long John Silver´s restaurants while citing "the nation´s new direction of better and healthier dining opportunities."

Teens shopping more at discount stores
When 16-year-old Shantel Reed wants to buy a new pair of athletic shoes, she visits one of the specialty shoe retailers at Volusia Mall.

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1. Find a newspaper ad for a retail store where you´d like to work and answer the following questions: (a) What knowledge or experience can you give to the job? (b) How far is the store from your house? (c) How would you get to and from work? (d) When would you prefer to work? Get into small groups and share your employement plans.

2. Look through the newspaper and make a list of the different ways that businesses promote themselves and their products. Be sure to include news stories about companies announcing new products or sponsoring charities.

3. Look through the newspaper for any examples of customer service - good or bad. These examples can include news stories, photos, or ads. Make a list and pick the three services that you think would most likely increase business.

4. Find an ad for a retail store and pretend that you are the store´s manager. You need some help in your store - a night manager, a stock person, cashier, or sales assistant. Write a "help wanted" ad for the classified section, listing the hours, salary, and qualifications.

5. Compare prices by looking at newspaper ads. Write down the items that are advertised at more than one store. Be sure to include the prices. What´s the biggest difference in price?

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Advertising: Medium, Message, Manipulation
How many advertisements do you think you´re exposed to each day? If you were to try to answer that, you´d first have to figure out all the places you might see ads.

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Looking for a career in design?
Creativity is crucial in all design occupations. People in this field must have a strong sense of the esthetic--an eye for color and detail, a sense of balance and proportion, and an appreciation for beauty. Designers also need excellent communication and problem-solving skills.

66 Ways to Save Money
Advice from the Consumer Literacy Consortium.

Commercialization and Kids and the WWW
This paper explores the commercialization of the Internet and the ramifications for educators. The report contains background information that includes a brief history of the Internet and its commercialization, the benefits of commercialization, and current policy and government regulations.

Retail salespersons - career options
Whether selling shoes, computer equipment, or automobiles, retail salespersons assist customers in finding what they are looking for and try to interest them in buying the merchandise.

MSN Careers in Retail
Check out retail jobs by location, do a quick job search, and take a quick peek to see who´s hiring now.

Money and Finances
Have you ever asked "Why do we have to pay taxes?" Do your parents pull their hair out around April 15th? Find out the answer to this and many more fun and exciting questions with these links.

P u z z l e m a k e r

Discovery School´s Puzzlemaker
Puzzlemaker is a puzzle generation tool for teachers, students and parents. Create and print customized word search, crossword and math puzzles using your word lists.


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