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T h e   F l o r i d a   Q u e s t
The purpose of this project is to improve the reading, writing, research, social studies and critical thinking skills of students in grades 3-6 through involvement in a multimedia project to include printed materials, public television, the newspaper and the Internet.
» Legends and Landmarks
» Places, Names and Road Trip Games
» Quest on the Intracoastal
» Catch the Geocaching Bug
» Summer Secrets and Surprises
» Discover Homefront and Heritage
» Explore the Treasures of Florida's Ghost Town
» Discover the Secret Path to a Pioneer Past
» Unlock the Legacy of the Walls

S e r i a l   S t o r i e s
Check out our NIE activities related to serial stories that appeared in The Daytona Beach News-Journal and possibly a paper near you!
NEW » Julie and the Lost Fairy Tale
» Fly-in Fox Tales
» The Mouse and The Motorcycle
» Endangered
» The Sacrifice
» Invention Mysteries
» Brain Freeze
» Good Morning, Mr. President
» Sand Dollars
» Up in the Air
» Woodrow Tales
» Woodrow and Wally, Too!

T h e   P a n t h e r   P r o j e c t
The NIE Panther Project has been designed for middle school and higher.
» Panther Sightings Map
» Panther Gallery
» Volusia Sightings

C a r e e r   C o n n e c t i o n s
Curriculum Connections are tie-ins for newspaper activities. From looking into a job that's right for you to what's going on behind the scenes at the mall, these activities help bring the student from the text book into the world.

H o t   I s s u e s   &   C o o l   I d e a s
Current events, links and Sunshine State Standard projects are brought together in this series.
» Articles by Curriculum
» Articles by Alpha

1 0 0   Y e a r s   o f   F l i g h t
Celebrate the centennial of flight with
"Up in the Air!"
» The Wright Invention
» Problem Solving
» Wonderful Flying Machines
» In the News
» Online Explorations

1 0 0   Y e a r s   o f   R a c i n g
That was then... this is now. Come celebrate
100 years of racing in Daytona Beach.
» In the News
» Racing Trivia
» Photo Gallery
» Credits

T h e n   &   A g a i n   C a l e n d a r
News-Journal photographer Jim Tiller chose sites throughout the area that were taken prior to 1940 and then took new photographs from those locations.

S h u t t l e   C o l u m b i a & H e r   C r e w
NIE has collected articles and links to help educators and students understand the shuttle disaster.
» The Crew
» Photo Gallery
» In the News

R e a d  &  R e c y c l e
We've found a few interesting ways you can reuse the newspaper once you've finished reading it.
» The Lasagna Garden
» Newsie Book Covers
» The Geodesic Dome
» Make a Platypus
» The Matching Game

T h e   S c r a p b o o k
NIE out and about.
» Awards and Honors
» Read with the Pros
» Sheltie Twins visit Hurst
» Literacy Awards
» NIE and Teachers of the Year
» Ark "Cat" Medes
» NIE Sheltie Twins in Promotion

W h a t ' s   N e x t? (Terrorism & America)
Articles and links to help educators and
students understand the 2001 terrorist attacks.
» Remembering 9/11
» Afghanistan Journal: A Reporter At War
» Online Explorations
» Pennies for Fire Trucks

W a r   I n   I r a q
News and information about the war in Iraq.
» Tips for Teachers
» Tips for Dealing with Children's Stress
» Information about Iraq
» International and National Reaction
» Stories from the News-Journal