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Click here for the 2011 FLORIDA QUEST!

Legends and Landmarks
The kids have a chance to appear on a popular quiz show on TV... find out how they can be chosen in this Florida Quest adventure.

Former Florida Quests:
Places, Names and Road Trip Games -- During this caper the Trackers find the real stories behind many fascinating place names in Florida.
This year, the Trackers are challenged to locate three historic buildings in Volusia County by using a geocaching format.
Summer Secrets and Surprises
Laptop Lauren and the Trackers spend a week apart so that each can attend a summer day camp of choice.

Discover Homefront and Heritage
Laptop Lauren and the Trackers uncover a time capsule left by young people in the 1940s.

Explore the Treasures of Florida's Ghost Town Trail
Jackson is back! The trackers explore Florida's history through the ghost town trail when Jackson Coble comes to visit.

Discover the Secret Path to a Pioneer Past
Join the Trackers as they solve another Florida mystery!

Unlock the Legacy of the Walls
Oh, the adventures our trackers have when Jackson comes to visit.

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