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HICI Alpha Index

Advertising: Medium, Message, Manipulation
African Americans: Commemorating, Celebrating and Challenging
Aging Grandparents: Nursing Home or Living at Home?
America Takes Steps toward Healing
America's National Parks: Paradise in Peril?
Animals at Work: Compassion vs. Cruelty
Arts Education: Training Your Brain Right!
Aquaculture: From Caviar to Clams

Beach Development: Building up for a letdown?
Beach Driving
Brain Food: Music for the Mind
Bugs and Backyard Butterflies
Bully for You: Teasing Hurts, Too
Butterflies Are More than Beautiful: Can We Keep Them Alive?

Capital Punishment: Pros and Cons
Carnivore Catchers: Silly Pranksters or Serious Poachers?
Cell Phones: Driven To Distraction?
Career Options and Opportunities: What's in Your Future?
Celebrating Cinco de Mayo: A Fiesta of Fun
The Changing Family: Where Do You Fit In?
Child Labor and Modern-day Slavery
Citizen Crime Fighters: Should They Be Part of Society's Safeguards?
Clothing: Traditional Styles Across the Continents
Collecting: Trash or Treasure?
Community Change: Progress vs. Preservation

DNA: How Far Should We Go with What We Know?
Digging for Dinosaurs (Fossils & Footprints)
Digital Art: Technology takes animation to the limit
Diploma Dilemmas

Earth Science: Splish-splash, quake and roll
Election Connection: Too young to vote but old enough to care
Environmental Exploitation: All Conched Out?
Environmental Exploitation: Oceans of Trouble?
The Euro: Converting Currency
Exotic Animals as Pets: Hip or Harmful?
Extreme Sports: Thrills and Spills

Fantasy in Fiction: Harry Potter at Center of Controversy
Florida's Black Bears: Abundant, or Endangered?
Food(s) for Thought: Animal? Vegetable? Mineral?
Fossils & Footprints: Digging for Dinosaurs
Freshwater Swimming: Fun or Folly?
Future Fuels: Sparks? Soy?

The Gender Gap: Girls Gaining Ground Slowly but Surely
Getting a Kick out of Soccer
Getting the Royal Treatment!

Happy Birthday to U.S.; Happy Birthday to You
Hispanic by Heritage - Americans Now
History, Heroes and Hot Dogs: Jackie Robinson Ballpark
Holiday Traditions: Celebrating Celebrations
Homeless: Choice or Circumstance?
Horses, Horoscopes and Holidays
Hybrid Cars: Saving the world, one tank of gas at a time

Identity Theft: Saving Face
Iditarod: People and Dogs against the Elements
Immigration: A new life in a new nation
International Space Station: Is It Worth the Cost?

Lighthouses: Beacons of a Bygone Era?

Manatee versus Motorboats: Who's Winning?
Martial Arts: Movie Madness or Map to Self-esteem?
Media Violence: Are You Immune?

NASCAR Addresses Speedway Safety

Oil: Black Gold or Black Death?

Phobias: Facing Your Fears
The Peace Corps: Helping Humanity; Helping Yourself
Pets: Too Much of a Good Thing?
Pondering Patriotic Pride and Prejudice
Population: The Changing Face of Our Nation
Protests: Paths to Persuasion

Reporting the News: From Daily Journals to Dangerous Duty
Risks and Rewards of Working with Animals

Sea Turtles Need Help - Can You Dig It?
Sharks: Dangerous? Endangered?
Skydiving: Parachuting Pleasures and Perils
Sleeping In: The Skinny on Sleep
Spanking Children: Productive or Destructive?
Sports: Hometown Heroes
Stock Market: Shares and Scares
Stunning New Technology in Law Enforcement
Summer “Ho-Hum” or Summer Fun: Try Making the Most of Museums
Summer “Ho-hum” or Summer Fun: Try Playing Around
Summer Reading: Challenges, Choices and Censorship
Symbols: Are They Worth Fighting For?

Tasers center of public safety debate
Teenagers and Crime: Trends in Adolescent Aggression
Terrorism Takes Its Toll and the World Takes Charge...
Time: Friend or Foe?
Troop Letters
Twins: Double Trouble, or Twice as Nice?

“Under God” comes under fire

Volunteerism: The Gift of Time

Water: How long will it last?
Weathering Storm Stress
Weighing In: Does American Culture Encourage Eating Disorders?
Whales: Watching, Waiting and Wondering
Wild Weather: Staying Safe amid Danger and Disaster
Women Around the World: Rights and Wrongs

Zoos: The Last Hope for Some Species?