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War in Iraq

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Stories from the News-Journal

August, 2005:
Ceremony honors returning soldiers

July, 2005:
Palm Coast VFW Post sends boxes of goodies to soldiers overseas
Army cook on duty in Iraq follows family tradition
Salute to Iraq War vets kicks off Freedom Fest weekend

June, 2005:
Beach offers teen rest from Iraq

May, 2005:
Marine proud to serve this Memorial Day

April, 2005:
Family lessons helped ex-POW in captivity
Captain visits Sweetwater kindergarten

March, 2005:
Deltona soldier recalls beauty, fear, friendship
Grandparents proudly raise Marine sonís kids

February, 2005:
Bittersweet homecomings

January, 2005:
Teacher says troops need to leave Iraq
Soldier returns after 5 months in Iraq

December, 2004:
Holidays tough for soldiersí families
Local soldier's valor recalled

November, 2004:
Duty calls many Southeast Volusians
Local groups gather gifts for U.S. reserve troops
What about the draft? Veterans, youths weigh pros, cons

October, 2004:
Kerry urges Ďfresh startí for America
Retired general revs group
U.S. soldiers see power of a single vote
16 Army reservists expect to fight in Iraq

September, 2004:
Kerry shows new vigor
Kerry visits Orlando, blasts Bush on war

August, 2004:
Prime minister reseats strongman rule to Iraq

July, 2004:
Families, friends welcome veterans
Cleland documentary compares Vietnam, Iraq
State urges insurers to back off GIs

June, 2004:
Uncertain future for kaleidoscopic Iraq
Families, soldiers hopeful as change begins
Neighbors give salute to Orange City soldier
Area residents concerned as violence escalates

May, 2004:
Surgeonís skills needed in war
Soldier thanks pupils for letters from home
South Daytona plans memorial dedication
Seeds of scandal over human rights
Wars hits home for middle schoolers
Military ceremony honors local sailor
Mortar attack Sunday in Iraq takes life of Volusia County man

April, 2004:
Local reservist returns from Iraq

February, 2004:
Waiting: The hard part
Recruiters say war hasnít caused patriotic about-face

January, 2004:
War readies DCF leader for new job challenge
Sergeantís order: Double quarter pounder with fries, large drink
Facility hero visits

December, 2003:
Immigrantsí son sees duty on 2 fronts
Celebrating holidays from afar

May, 2003:
National Guard unit returns from duty
Cambodian survivors await word from Iraq

April, 2003:
Local woman hears of fianceís safety from NBC reporter in Iraq
Lives shift as veterans return from Iraq war
Eden or not, Iraq key in three faiths
War supporters gather in Ormond
Military support efforts less formal without local bases
Despite signs of Husseinís fall, locals still anxious
Anti-war protests rest on shoulders of history
Hospital makes deal to treat war wounded
B-CC students protest Iraq war
Local Muslims express growing concerns over war
Mission Expanding: Coast Guard rallies for homeland security
ERAU suffers 3rd casualty from war
Halifax Medical Center offers soldiers beds
Scrapbook keeps Tracee Schiller in touch
Maria Molinaís son advances with troops
Amy Johnson keeps tabs through television

March, 2003:
Blue Star banner symbolizes service
Iraq-theatre deaths of alumni noted at ERAU
Vignettes of War: Family prepares for separation
Small-town heart honors troops
War, sports make strange brew at pubs
Family, staff keep home fires burning
Veterans, now coaches, recall first Gulf war
Uncertainty Principle: Most find business as usual
Mom frets for son in front lines of attack
Angry words fly at rally for peace in Ormond Beach
Young sons cry ‘Donít hurt my daddy’
Keeping life normal helps Flagler family cope
Lifeís rhythms pause as war talk intrudes
Single mother in Deltona says airman son is ‘my mirror’
Army officer tries to allay fears of school children
War prompts renewed activism on Stetson campus
Local police step up security measures
Those from Middle East frightened by this war
Loved ones cope as troops deploy for war
Local residents say íthank youí as National Guard troops depart
Farmers stew over need to guard crops, livestock
Effects of terror alert status ripple throughout Florida
Sampling finds locals involved, concerned about war
Military ships out in droves
Terror attack would find local responders hurting

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