Classroom Extensions

  • What would you have done if you had been the one to find the travel chest?
  • Do you know anyone--a family member, friend or classmate--who speaks a different language? Ask that person how to say and write these words from the story: squirrel, grandma, treasure, clothes. If you don't know someone, get a language dictionary in the library for a language you would like to speak, and look up those words. Share them with your classmates.
  • Many people from non-English speaking countries learn English, but few Americans learn to speak another language. Do you think it is important to learn other languages? Why or why not?
  • If you like to play dress up, what is your favorite outfit and why?
  • How would you have illustrated this chapter differently than the artist did? Draw your own picture and send it to for possible publication on the Web.

Newspaper Activity

Newspaper reporters and editors are professional writers who must communicate clearly and effectively. By reading the newspaper you can find a valuable source of writing ideas, writing models and potential topics. Find one newspaper article written in a style you admire, and then find one you don't like as much. Using elements of the style you admire, re-write the second article until you are satisfied with how it appears. Ask family members or classmates to react to your changes and improvements. (Sunshine State Standard LA.B.1.2.2)

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