Classroom Extensions

  • Some people live in communities where everyone knows everyone and people watch out for each other. What is your neighborhood like? Do you know your neighbors, and do they know you? Ask a parent, grandparent or any adult over 50 what their neighborhoods were like when they were younger. Make a list of how neighborhoods have changed in the last 40 or more years. What do you feel are the major reasons for these changes? Write an article about your community and tell us what you like about it. Send it to for possible publication on the Web.
  • Do you know everyone in your school or even in your own classroom? Create a survey you can do in your school to learn more about your classmates. Find out how many students are from other countries and which countries they came from. If they were born in the US, were they born in this area or did they move from another city or state?
  • What do you think Julie's chances are of getting the story published in the Covington Times Daily News?

Newspaper Activity

How would you go about getting something that you wrote published in the newspaper? Open your newspaper to page 2A and review the listing of key editors within The News-Journal. With classmates or friends, brainstorm different kinds of stories you could write (example: news, feature, sports) and which editor you might contact to discuss to get your story published. (Sunshine State Standard LA.A.2.2.5)

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