Classroom Extensions

  • Look at Chapter 4 again. Are there any words in it that you're not familiar with? Make a list and see if you can figure out what the words mean by how they are used in the story. If you are having a hard time, look them up in a dictionary. Could you have used different words that would not change the meaning of the sentences? Which of the unfamiliar words did you like best and would like to use in your own writing?
  • Accomplished artists take words and ideas from the text and express them visually to help tell the story. Read this chapter again, thinking about how you would illustrate it. Send your drawings to for possible publication on the web.
  • Have you taken a tour of your local newspaper building? If so, write about your trip (50 words or less) and tell others what made the biggest impression on you. Write about the people who work there and what you saw during your tour. Send it to for possible publication on the Web.
  • Do you know the name of the editor of your newspaper? What do you know about him or her? What does an editor do?

Newspaper Activity

Skim The News-Journal display ads to find photos or drawings of foods. From them, clip out ones that would be a part of a healthy breakfast. Glue them onto a paper plate to "make" an appealing meal and post the paper plate on your fridge. (Sunshine State Standard HE.B.1.2.1)

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