Classroom Extensions

  • Who is the author of the serial story? Think about the characters she has introduced so far in this story. Who are they? What else do you know about them? How do you feel about each of them?
  • Read this chapter again, thinking about how you would illustrate it. Make your own illustration for the chapter and send it to for possible publication on the Web.
  • Julie states that her grandma is translating the fairy tale from its original German into English. Learning new words in your own language is a lot like translating. Are there any words you are not familiar with in this chapter? For example, the squirrel "scampered" down the tree. Can you figure out what scampered means? What other word/s might you use to replace "scampered" and not change the meaning of the sentence? If you are having a hard time, find several words you don't know in a dictionary. Which words did you like best and would like to use in your writing? Put them in your writers' notebook. You can also use a Thesaurus to find words that have similar meanings. Ask your teacher or a librarian for help in locating one.

Newspaper Activity

Skim one or more pages of The News-Journal to find at least five words that are new to you. Look up their meanings in a dictionary and then try to impress friends and family by using the new words in conversation. (Sunshine State Standard LA.C.3.2.2)

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