Classroom Extensions

  • Julie's grandmother talks about Mr. Malloy's secretary ("Miss Eagle Eyes") and tells Julie, "Mr. Malloy said she could be a pickle sometimes." What does he mean by that?
  • Julie's grandma credits Julie's determination, imagination and bravery for convincing Mr. Malloy to publish the fairy tale. She also tells Julie, "You are an impulsive one and get me into trouble all the time." Think about times when you have been impulsive, brave, imaginative, determined, kind, etc. Write about one of those times and send it to for possible publication on the Web.
  • Who is your favorite character in this story so far, and why? If you could interview him or her for the newspaper, what questions would you ask?
  • Look through Chapter 6 again for words whose meanings you are not sure of. Use a dictionary to learn their meanings and put these words in your writers' notebook for future use.
  • Read this chapter again thinking about how you would illustrate it. Send your creation of this chapter's illustration to for possible publication on the Web.

Newspaper Activity

Find a human interest story in The News-Journal that you think would make a good serial story. Devise a way to divide the story into three or more parts, or chapters, and then summarize the main idea of each section in one sentence. (Sunshine State Standard LA.A.1.2.4)

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