Classroom Extensions

  • Be a time traveler and do some research to find out more about your family history. Where did family members come from? What kind of work did they do? Make a history board for your family. Include as many generations as you can. How far can you go back?
  • Find out more about your town. You can go to the local history museum if you have one. They have lots of information and photographs so you can see what your town looked like long ago. You can find out about the people who settled there and more.
  • Write a letter to Janie Lancaster, author of Julie & the Lost Fairy Tale. Tell her what you liked about her story. Include questions about your favorite characters, such as: Are they based on real people she knows? Ask her for tips you could use in your writing. Share any personal connections you have with the story. Does it remind you of other stories you've read? Tell Janie about it. Send your letters to and they will be forwarded to Janie.
  • Look through Chapter 7 again for words whose meanings you are unsure of. Use a dictionary to learn their meanings and put these words and their definitions into your writers' notebook for future use.
  • Read this chapter again, thinking about how you would illustrate this chapter. If you make a drawing, send it to for possible publication on the Web.

Newspaper Activity

When people want to learn about their family history, they often look through old newspapers for vital statistics such as place of birth, marriage/children or age at death. Use the obituaries to see what else is included about people's lives that could be helpful for someone creating a history board about their family members. Practice writing an obituary about someone you admire. Keep in mind that one day, someone might use your information to fill in blanks about that person's family history. (Sunshine State Standard LA.B.2.2.3)

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