Classroom Extensions

  • Julie said that Miss Cragmeyer -- "Miss Eagle Eyes"-- almost smiled. Do you think Julie will change her mind about her feelings toward Mr. Malloy's secretary? Have you ever met someone you didn't like at first, but changed your mind once you got to know them? Write a short story about a person, such as a teacher or friend, who turned out to be a complete opposite of your first impression.
  • Julie's dream of getting the fairy tale published sounds like it is about to come true. She has worked hard to make it happen. She has also had help in achieving her dream. Dreams don't come true without hard work. What dreams do you have? What are you willing to do to make them happen? Whom can you get to help you?
  • How good are you at keeping secrets? Write a paragraph about a time you had to keep a secret. Were you successful? How did you feel? How did the person you were keeping the secret from feel, once he or she found out?
  • Look through Chapter 8 again for words whose meanings you are unsure of. Use a dictionary to learn their meanings and put the words in your writers' notebook for future use.
  • Read this chapter again thinking about how you would illustrate it. Send your drawing to for possible publication on the Web.

Newspaper Activity

Use the newspaper to help plan an extravaganza for Cordelia's visit to town. Find photos and articles about local places you want her to visit, people you want her to meet, foods you want to introduce her to, etc. Make a scrapbook of what you clip from the newspaper, then add comments about your selections and share with classmates, friends and family. (Sunshine State Standard SS.C.2.2.1)

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