Classroom Extensions

  • Diversity is one of the things that make our country great. Can you think of situations in your school, neighborhood, city, state or country that are a result of our differences? Write about a time you or your school did something to improve tolerance and understanding. Send your story to for possible publication on the Web.
  • Look through Chapter 10 for words whose meanings you are unsure of. Use a dictionary to learn their meanings and put these words in your writers' notebook for future use. Make a drawing for this chapter and send it to for possible publication on the Web.

Newspaper Activity

Use the newspaper to find an article that tells of a conflict. Then, look for the essential facts that answer the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How. With a classmate or family member, try to think of solutions that will benefit all the parties involved. (Sunshine State Standard SS.B.1.2.5)

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