Classroom Extensions

  • Julie has been keeping the secret about Cordelia from her grandmother for a long time. How do you think her grandmother will feel when she finds out? Has someone ever kept a secret from you? How did you feel when you found out? Write and tell us about it.
  • What is an "extravaganza?" How many words can you make using only the 12 letters found in that word?
  • Look through Chapter 11 again for words whose meanings you are unsure of. Use a dictionary to learn their meanings and put these words in your writers' notebook for future use.
  • Read this chapter again thinking about how you would illustrate it. Send a drawing to for possible publication on the Web.

Newspaper Activity

Look in today's food section of your newspaper for ideas of things you could make or bring to the "Extravaganza." Make a list of items you would include in the guest baskets. Did you find any cookie recipes that you can try at home with your family? Try making them and write to us about your baking experience. Send your composition to for possible publication on the Web. (Sunshine State Standard LA.B.2.2.6)

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