Classroom Extensions

  • Are you happy with the way the story ended? Write a letter to the author, Janie Lancaster, and tell her what you think of her story. Should she get it published as a book? Think about how the author began the story, how you feel about the characters and how the author made you feel that way. Who is your favorite character and why? What did you like best about the story? Try to use words from your writers' notebook in your letter. We will send all your letters to Janie Lancaster.
  • How did your ending to the fairy tale compare to the author's ending? Which do you like better? Share your ending with classmates and decide if there is an ending the class prefers.
  • Look through Chapter 15 again for words whose meanings you are unsure of. Use a dictionary to learn their meanings and put the words in your writers' notebook for future use.
  • Read this chapter again thinking about how you would illustrate this chapter. Send your drawing to and we will publish the best ones at

Newspaper Activity

Re-read the previous chapters of Julie and the Lost Fairy Tale and write your own ending for the fairy tale! (Sunshine State Standard LA.B.2.2.5)

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