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MATHEMATICS - help with homework and exercises for your mind.

Calculation & Problem Solving

Math Advantage
Interactive exercises for grades K-12. Site also includes a Glossary.

Math in Daily Life
When you buy a car, follow a recipe, or decorate your home, you're using math principles.


A+ Math
Site contains Flashcards; Game Room; Homework Helper; Worksheets.

AAA Math
Site contains Basic Math Skills; Interactive Practice; Challenge Games.

Cool Math 4 Kids
Site contains Math Games; Geometry; Fraction Lessons; Brain Benders; Jigsaw Puzzles.

Formula Tables; Algebra; Geometry; Virtual Physics; SAT Math; Chemistry.

Learn about money and banking.

The Math Forum
Have a math question? Ask Dr. Math. Site also includes Weekly/Monthly Challenges; Student Showcase; Math Tips & Tricks; Undergrad Research Database; Assistance by Grade Level; Non-English Math Resources; and Science Fair Math Projects.

Mathematical Imagery Presented by the American Mathematical Society

Word Problems for Kids
Site focuses on grades 5 through 12.


Mathematics of Cartography
Site includes the history of map making, the math used in maps and some problem solving exercises.

Measuring Measurement
This site will help you become familiar with customary measurements and metric measurements.


Site contains many activities. Geometry Workshop Game
The Geometry Workshop is an open-ended activity in which you can explore 2D geometry. The workshop has tools for drawing, resizing and coloring shapes.

Visual Geometry Dictionary
Clicking one of the terms below will access a visual display showing one or more individuals' way of understanding the term. We hope you will enjoy seeing our creative ways for making sense of geometry words.

Puzzles and Games

Site includes a stock market game; a challenge to make change in a string of real-world transactions that get progressively trickier; manage a baseball team; business-building; test your knowledge of a variety of money-related topics. Site allows school teams.

Games with Numbers.

Interactive Puzzles
Site contains Hurkle, a grid game, and The Frustrated Farmer, a riddle game.

Math Maven's Mysteries
Pick a mystery.

They have brain twisters and logic and number puzzles to last a lifetime - or at least until your homework is due.

You begin the game as a new resident of Moneyopolis with $600. Your goal is to tour all seven centers, save at least $1,000 and earn three Community Service Medallions.


Statistics: Power from Data
Site topics include Data, Information and statistics; Data collection; Data processing; Data and computers.

Virtual Laboratories in Probability and Statistics
Site includes interactive, web-based resources for probability and statistics.


Mathematical Quotations Server
This page points to a collection of mathematical quotations culled from many sources.

Mathematics quotes
Quotation Search Engine and directory.


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