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GENERALLY MISCELLANEOUS - fun sites and online simulations.

Things to Do and See

AA Roads
As Americans travel the great roads and highways of the counrty, they seldom consider the magnitude of the system that connects one coast to the other.

Animated Science, Social Studies and English movies, comic strips, activity pages and 24 hour school homework assistance via email for Kids.

Devices of Wonder
This is what the Getty Musuem is using to showcase its latest exhibition. From optical illusions to pop-up books, what better way to exhibit media devices, both past and present?

A simulation game where you are designated by chance levels of education from doctors' degrees, to being a high school drop out.

The Big Cartoon DataBase
A searchable list of cartoons, complete with episode guides, crew lists, and synopsis.

Professor Garfield
PGF offers fun, engaging and transforming educational content for school children between kindergarten and 8th grade.

Though a sophisticated Java applet, users have a bird's eye view of images, giving the user a feeling of 'flying over' the photographed land areas.


BBC - Kids' Health
Find out how your body works! Do a body tour and have a real close look. How you think about yourself matters - it can affect your school and home life. Need a break? Try some fun activities!

National Institute of Mental Health: Child and Adolescent Mental Health
Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you have done so with the help of a parent or teacher since that is the best way to safely explore the Internet.

Hobbies and other Interests

Future State
Department of State web site for elementary, middle and high school students designed to increase understanding of international issues and events and encourage students' interest in Civil Service or Foreign Service careers with the State Department.

Girls Go Tech
The Girl Scouts of America have been busy with the field of technology.

JP Brown's Serious LEGO
This site turns the humble toy into something entirely different with the LEGO robots built and programmed by engineer JP Brown.

National Railway Museum
Learn more about the history of railroads in Britain.

Paper Plate Education: Serving the Universe on a Paper Plate
Nearly 90 projects use ordinary paper plates to demonstrate concepts from astronomy, math, geography, and other subjects.

Smithsonian Kids: Collecting
I'll trade my lucky rock for your silver dollar.


Baseball Library
Database of the players, teams, and chronology of this sport.

Sports Illustrated for Kids
Sports news, games, cartoons, and fantasy leagues.


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