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Make a Platypus

The platypus is a strange looking animal, it has a bill like a duck and a tail like a Beaver. Like the echidna, a platypus is a monotreme. A platypus eats its food underwater and likes worms and insect amongst other things. The platypus uses its large flat tail and webbed feet to paddle underwater. Now, make your own platypus!

Materials needed: Brown paper bag, Construction paper, Large wiggle eyes (or markers, canyons, paint), Tape or stapler, Glue, Newspaper


1. Crumple up pieces of newspaper and stuff the bag to the top.

2. Fold down the top opening of the bag corner to corner meeting in the center of the paper bag, and staple or tape it closed. (It should look like a fat bag with a triangle point at the top).

3. Lay it staple side down on the table.

4. Trace the platypus beak, feet, and tail onto brown construction paper and cut them out.

5. Glue the tail to the end of the bag where the bottom of the bag is.

6. Glue the bill pieces on the top and the bottom of the bag to cover the point you made when you folded it.

7. Glue 2 legs on each side.

8. Glue on the large wiggle eyes! (You can also use markers, crayons, or paint to create the eyes for your platypus.)

the bill

the tail

the feet

The Plans

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