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Turtle Tracking

Welcome to the World of Sea Turtles!

Students in area schools are participating in an ongoing project to learn more about sea turtles. In partnership with the Sea Turtle Conservancy, The News-Journal is covering the cost for the (virtual) adoption of sea turtles that have been tagged with satellite transmitters. Teachers from Kindergarten through 12th grade are developing creative ways to use the sea turtles in their curriculum. Classroom teachers and other educators may find the following links useful as they explore the world of sea turtles.

Talking About Turtles (News-Journal articles)

- 9/25/13 Estes, "Park program recruits ‘friends’ for sea turtles"
- 9/14/13 AP, "Denture repair adhesive helps fix sea turtle shell"
- 8/18/13 Henerson, "Tampering with lighting would be playing with fire"
- 8/18/13 Various, "Letters to the Editor on Turtle Lighting" - 8/9/13 Voyles Pulver, "Daytona Beach asks for sea turtle lighting exemption"
- 7/19/13 Voyles Pulver, "Rare sea turtle returns to sea in Flagler"
- 9/15/12 Voyles Pulver, "Rare white sea turtles hatch in Flagler, New Smyrna Beach"
- 9/8/12 Voyles Pulver, "Blinded by the light"
- 8/6/12 Fernandez, "Volusia beaches booming with sea turtle nests"
- 6/11/12 Conn, "Marine Science Center celebrates anniversary"
- 5/16/12 Voyles Pulver, "Study: Magnetic fields guide young sea turtles"
- 5/1/12 Voyles Pulver, "Scientists seek clues to sea turtle activities"

Teacher Resources (Lesson Plans and Classroom Tools)

1. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission: Sea Turtles

2. NOAA Education Resources

3. NOAA Grade 6 Comprehensive Lesson Plan with Links to Children’s Books

4. Georgia Sea Turtle Center:
National Geographic:

5. Sea Turtles Need Help: Can You Dig It? (Grades 3-7)

6. Teacher Resources from the Southwest Fisheries Science Center

7. Sea Turtles Lesson Plans 6-12 with Beautiful Informative Videos

8. Video segments from Discovery

9. An Ocean of Free, Teacher-Approved Sea Turtle/Ocean Resources

Tidbits (Activities)

1. Sea Turtle Puzzles and Printables

2. Sea Turtle Conservancy: Turtle Tides Downloads

3. Georgia Sea Turtle Center

4. NOAA Education Resources

5. NOAA Turtle Games, Arts and Crafts and More

To the Web (Links)

1. Marine Science Center – Sea Turtle Rehabilitation in Ponce Inlet

2. "Sea Turtle Gallery"

3. Department of Environmental Protection: Dr. Archie Carr

4. Sea World (Orlando)

Each month, The News-Journal will feature one of the adopted turtles in its Local section. Look for this feature, in print, on the third Tuesday of each month during the school year.

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