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For the last chapter of "Endangered," my 6th grade reading students wrote about accomplishing a goal. I have six periods and it was difficult picking only a couple of stories out of 140. Here are some of their stories.
-- Erica Johnson, 6th Grade Reading, Ormond Beach Middle School.

“A time when I have worked with a team to accomplish a goal was when I was in Girl Scouts. We did this thing where we went to the beach to clean it up. We had groups of 3.
We all got our own garbage bags and gloves so we could pick up the trash. We found cigarette butt, beer bottles and cans and wrappers from candy. We actually made it a game. Whoever’s team got the most trash by the time we have to go, was the winner. We, my team and I, won. We got lollipops.
We also got a short lunch break between the three hours that we were there to pick up trash. Of course, we all washed our hands. While we were eating lunch we got tee-shirts that says that we cleaned up the beach.
It felt good to clean up the beach. We got to clean up a beautiful place so that others can enjoy it. We also were available to help the animals and plants that need the beach to be clean for them to live. I felt like I did a good thing for the environment (Just like “Endangered!”).”
-- N.G.

“One time when I lived in Massachusetts, up my street lived a jolly, old lady that would do anything for us and all of us on Judge Road. She was so sweet but we thought she was sick and our goal was to keep her going and never give up. She’d always sing and dance. She was the joy of Judge Road.
We did something we hope she’ll never forget. What we did was went up and down the street collecting money to buy her some things letting her know we lover her!
After we did that, me and my friend(s) went out and bought her some old jewelry, framed, that we put, “Nonnie Polleen,” which everybody called her, and it said that her achievement was a great neighbor.
We went and gave it to her. Really her family-member because either sick or sleeping or both! They loved it and we feel like we really accomplished our goal.
Unfortunately, Noonie Polleen past away a couple of months ago. We will always remember her and she’ll always be the life of the party on Judge Road!”
-- C.C.

“When I was in care Bears, we had a competition for picking up the most trash. But it wasn’t about winning I was about helping the community.
We were divided into 3 groups. We speeded all around the school everyone filled up 2 bags. At least one group got 3 bags full. The school was really big and the trash was really bad.
Some people need to be more respectful to this earth. Because in 20 years and if we don’t do something now the future will be bad.
That’s why I like to help the community.”
-- K.B.

“Everyday my parents and I go on a walk to get some exercise, but we don’t just walk. When we’re walking if we see trash on the side walk or grass we pick it up and when we’re done we’ll put it in the garbage.
Normally there’s no trash unless someone’s trash fell out of their recycle bin or their garbage can on garbage day.
It’s little things like me and my parents do to help out our community that make it look better and cleaner. I really hate it when I see people careless enough to throw a piece of garbage on the ground when they have hands to hold it or a trash can to put it in.
Usually I don’t pick up a piece of trash on my own, my dad will have to tell me to pick it up and not leave it. If you would pick up a piece of garbage on the ground everyday imagine how much cleaner our earth would be.
You could have fun doing it too, if you rode around with your friends on your bikes and you saw some trash just pick it up and don’t say, “it won’t hurt the earth it’s only a piece,” it is a big deal though.
Some animal could come and choke on it. So just pick up any trash you on the ground and throw it away!”
-- R.D.