Especially for StudentsNIE and You

Mother´s Day
These sonnets were written by 8th grade students
at Ormond Beach Middle School.


Mother´s Day Necklace

She was just born and my grandmother sighed,
The necklace I had given her was not there yet,
That day my grandmother was full of pride,
It was a day she will never forget,

She was last of three girls to be born,
As she went from middle school to high school,
She learned to drive and finally blew a horn,
Graduation meant not another rule,

As time went further along she got married,
At the hospital a baby girl lay,
The same girl grew up and her age varied,
Her necklace did arrive last Mother´s Day,

This day in May is like no other,
To celebrate such a lovely mother.

~ Amanda C.


The pain of leaving comfort in the womb,
Toys across the crib without any care,
My mother was part of the baby boom,
But at this time ´Sweet Waters´ was not there.

In High School my mother cheered for Seabreeze.
Making pyramids high into the air,
The cheering squad did their routines with ease.
But even then ´Sweet Waters´ was not there.

I also hope to cheer for Seabreeze too,
But instead of on a field, on a stage.
Now on my mom´s birthday we always do
A trip to ´Sweet Waters´ whatever the age.

Although ´Sweet Waters´ is a tradition
For constant love my mom´s the only one.

~ Jeffrey S.

My Mother´s Sonnet

The cutest sight of her small wiggling toes,
The fear in her big sparkling blue eyes,
The great softness of her rosy red nose,
Her little wondering smile greatly shines,

The sound of big sisters shoes on her feet,
Playing dress up is what she loved to do,
When she plays games she is so hard to beat,
Picture taking is what she loves, who knew,

Her big enormous collection of shoes,
All the strange things on them; from flowers to white pearls,
She loved to turn on and watch the great news,
To see what was happening in the world,

She has a special personality,
I´m glad that I can have her all to me!

~ Sarah D.

I love you Mom!

The Unmarked Path

She woke up in the blinding light that day,
From that day she would trace her very fate.
Became a child with some things she could say,
She removes some candles from a large crate.

Learning keys that are important to life,
Leaving her childish life way far behind.
Yearning to soon become a loving wife,
Candles reform as life sets in rewind.

She´s a worker but tolerant for fun,
I have to say we share not much the same.
I like play after my work is done,
She strikes a match to light a burning flame.

As long we live together side by side,
Her life will rewind back to when she cried.

~ Babak G.


Mother´s Day Sonnet

The scent of scattered Johnson´s baby powder.
The sight of toys lying across the crib.
Tears of joy flood eyes and everyone became prouder.
The aroma from the perfume bottle fell across her bib.

Soft tendrils of hair to grow in dark disguise.
Lifelong friends were made and most were passed by.
High school came along with so much surprise.
The scent of drops came with touching good byes.

The wedding bells began to sing and chime.
The soothing touch of the doctor´s soft hand.
The day comes when she can earn her first real dime.
She dreams about the sweet, succulent smell of fairyland.

Years came and left remembering the good and the bad.
Always caring and loving to her mom and dad.

~ Amanda B.

My Mother´s Day Sonnet

My mother´s eyes opened to shining lights,
All of this bright new world seemed strange and weird.
Fascination at the park with the kites.
Those fluffy slippers have not yet appeared.

She went uphill both ways to her high school,
Then off to her college without a care,
Although, I must tell you she is no fool.
Those fluffy slippers still aren´t there.

And then my eyes opened to shining lights.
I did not know that I´d be an athlete.
When I spend time with her it´s a delight.
Now those slippers are on my mother´s feet.

On this Mother´s Day I just want to say
That I love you, today, and every day!

~ Chris K.


Grasping for air as she exits the womb
In her mouth was a small pacifier
In a while she will be in a tomb
The want for her mother´s touch was a dire
Preparing to utter the first clear sound
After the Gerber carrots she threw up
Mom was there father wasn´t to be found
She luckily threw up in her blue cup
The teacher slapping her hand because she
Would use for everything her left hand
After that she moved to the land of free
Not enough room so that she had to stand
Water beating against the boat like a drum
She sat there with in her mouth was her thumb.

~ Rocky U.



On this greatly warmed summer´s day,
I feel the small, Honda´s motor vibrate.
In the middle the hot month of May,
yet, I felt so temperate.

Only today, not tomorrow will the white bike shine,
even with the great, bright sun dimmed.
Noon tomorrow, it will drip with grime,
riding through the deep mud and tall grass untrimmed.

After a few months, away the bike will fade
Out of sight and out of mind the bike will grow.
While I drink ice cold, pink lemonade
was it fun, maybe yes maybe no only I will know

Leaving it, parked over in the shade,
But you will never know how much fun it made.

~ Cody N.