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The Army of 2

The students from Patricia Peters´ class at Deltona Middle School and Mrs. Meredith´s class at Tomoka were inspired to create an alternative ending this serial story.

Army of Two
By S.T., Tomoka/4th
Mrs. Meredith, Teacher

The crowd went wild when Abby and Becky reached the top of the large rock.

Everybody was relieved, yet thankful, that Abby and Becky had scared off the British ships.

"Hooray for the Army of Two! Hooray for Becky and Abby!" the crowd started shouting relentlessly. Church bells started ringing. Some women even started crying and thanking God that everybody was safe.

So everything turned out all right.

And that is the end of the Army of Two.

Army of Two
By M. P., Student

"Look out!" cried Abby. "Our plan has unraveled!" Abby was right. Their plain had failed. "The British are approaching!" Becky exclaimed. "They must not think we´re an army of two!" Abby thought for a second and said, "We will climb the trees!"

That´s a wonderful idea," said Becky, "Abby you are so smart!" Becky took one more glimpse at the British sailors, marching nearing and nearer. "But we must find a mammoth tree." Said Becky.

The two girls searched and searched for a gigantic tree. "Oh Becky, I´ve found one!" Abby cried. Becky darted over to where Abby was standing. "I have found the tree." Abby repeated, yet softer because the British sailors were about seven feet away.

"You are right" Becky admitted, "This tree is big, wide, and bushy so the sailors can´t see us.´ It´s perfect." "Let´s start climbing." Abby said quickly, "You can go first," Becky said. "You are much faster than me, and I would slow you down."

The two courageous girls climbed up the large, bushy tree, and looked over the town of Situite.

"Boy this is sight!" Abby exclaimed. After twenty-five minutes, Abby cried "Look, they seem to be discussing something," The British men were huddled into small groups like stiff toy soldiers." And look! Becky said, tears in her eyes, "It´s father, and many more men."

It was true. Father and the town Army was coming near to the rocky ledge right where the British soldiers were. Abby and Becky were having such a celebration that they entirely forgot about the British sailors and their frightful guns. Soon Becky remembered and without wasting any time, told Abby, and immediately they stopped cheering and laughing and grew silent.

The British captain spotted the army and many people through his eyeglasses. One by one the sailors quickly paddled their rowboats back to their ship. Now Becky and Abby were able to cheer and they did. They hooted and hollered their heads off, and then tried to gather more energy for their long climb down. When they arrived on the ground they disclosed to their father their story of how they scared off the British soldiers single handedly.

Army of Two
By T.T., Deltona Middle School
Patricia Peters, Teacher

"The British are coming!" Becky said to Abby as she looked through her father´s spyglass.

"We´ve got to make up a plan for the British to go away." Abby said.

As they looked they saw boats coming to shore and so they came up with a plan to try to tell Scituate that the British was coming.

Becky said that she would try to run to Scituate and so she did.

After Becky had left, Abby thought she could scare the British away by playing Yankee Doodle on the rocks. But it didn´t work and the British came and took Abby prisoner!

When Becky made it to Scituate she found her father and told him that the British were near the lighthouse. He was shocked that Becky would leave Abby all alone at the lighthouse. They quickly ran back through the woods and saw Abby on a little British sailing ship heading back to the main ship.

The first thought of both Becky and her Father was to get another ship or guns and try to make the British surrender.

When they got to the British ship they slipped on board and looked for the prisoner cells. While looking, they learned that the captain of the ship had the keys and Becky and her father took the keys. They thought the prisoner cells would be in the lowest part of the ship and so it was.

After they freed Abby they took Becky´s father fife back and ran to the little boat they had rowed to the British ship. They immediately sailed back to Scituate and told the townspeople. They all gathered together and the British saw them coming and got scared.

The British scurried looking around for the Captain to tell him. He said that they should fire immediately on the townspeople. But when they tried they found that they had not bought enough cannon balls.

The townspeople captured the British and told them to leave. Becky and Abby steered their ship back to shore. They had succeeded in helping to defeat the British.

Army of Two
By K.C., Tomoka/4th
Mrs. Meredith, Teacher

The story so far: Abby and Becky have made the British ships turn back!

Now that the British ships are coming back what will Abby and Becky do?

Suddenly they see their father coming with the town´s people. Abby thinks they saw the ship and are coming to help. Abby and Becky want to go running into their father´s warm arms but they know they can´t.

Now the British ships turn away. The town´s people cheer, and Abby and Becky come running to their father´s arms. All the town´s people applaud Abby and Becky for saving them, and the British ships never returned again.

Army of Two
By T.J., Tomoka/4th
Mrs. Meredith, Teacher

After the crowd cheered for Abby and Beck an abrupt noise sounded from the ocean water. They all rushed out to see what it was. It was the British coming back!

Abby and Becky hurried to the lighthouse and grabbed the pot, spoon, and the fife. They told the town´s people to get something to play or bang on.

They all started to play. A canon shot but missed them.

Abby and Becky yelled to play louder.

The British shot a gun and started to turn back!

Once more the crowd applauded for Abby and Becky. They knew they were the arm of two!

Army of Two
By R.C., Deltona Middle School
Patricia Peters, Teacher

BAM, BOOM!!! The British cannons were exploding all over. "Hurry," cried Becky. The two friends got to the woods exhausted.

"Blow" screamed Becky!

Yankee Doodle went to town! Yankee Doodle went to town!!

They waited but nothing happened. The British ships were getting closer.

Yankee Doodle went to town! Still nothing.

Abby and Becky were getting very worried when something caught Becky´s eye. "The tree" said Becky. She had found a very tall hollow tree. She banged on it with a heavy branch it sounded just like gun fire. She and Abby started banging with all their might.


The British heard the loud bangs.


The British began to hurry back to their ship.

BOOM, BOOM! ! ! went the British cannons one more time.

Abby and Becky, still playing, began to cry.

Yankee Doodle went to town.

They played one more time while the ship sailed away. It was finally over.

Army of Two
By J.R., Age 10
Florida student

Abby and Becky were gay with excitement. Suddenly they say their father 15 feet away from where they were standing. "Father!" cried Abby and Becky at the same time. There was a parade for Abby and Becky. The townspeople had mammoth drums that were so round. Abby saw a person playing a fife like her father´s. Becky suddenly noticed that they were playing "Yankee Doodle" exactly like they did to scare the British ship away. The British ship vanished from sight because of Abby´s brilliant idea.

Abby and Becky´s father asked, "So what are we having for dinner?"

Abby and Becky totally forgot about dinner. Abby whispered to her older sister "We´re Dead."

Becky said as fast as she could "Bread and Cheese."

Her father didn´t seem astonished at all. They ate together as the crowd cheered "Hip, hip hooray, Hip hip horray for the Army of Two!"

This is a real story children and adults. There were two girls named Abby and Becky in a lighthous in Scituate. If you go there you might be able to see the real fife Abby played. If you listen hard you might hear them playing "Yankee Doodle."