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Woodrow Tales

The students from Linda Weeks and Mary Moslu´s classes at Indian River Elementary really enjoyed reading the serial story, "Woodrow and Wally, Too," written by Barbara Shapley. Some students were even inspired to write about heroes.

My Dad is my hero because he helps me put pennies in my collection book and takes me places and we are very much alike and he helps me with homework, helped me on a sience project in the 4th grade by getting me magazines to cut out of the person for my project, helped me build my robot in the 1st grade and I won, and he won me a toy at a place by giving me the right answer.

My hero is Oprah
I like Oprah because her name reminds me of my favorite food fried ocra Oprah also jelps other people and I think that is nice She is a great person I liked the episode when super nanny helped the parents kids. It was a very funny and cool episode (Plus I got my sisters to behave). — C.L.

My hero is my mom. She always tries to get the things that me and my two brothers want and in the morning she tries to rush around and get stuff done. Also during the day She works so that she can make money and buy clothes and shoes and toys. That is why my mom is my hero. — B.R.


My hero is my wonderful, loving, outgoing, brother, Barry! He´s my hero because he´s loving, he does sports (and he´s great at them), and he is just an awsome guy!
My brother, Barry but I call him Bubba, so Bubba is also my romodle because he does track, shockput and discus. I want to do shock-put. He even is helping me throw it already. I´m kinda good. He also does weightlifting. I want to do that. and he is helping to train a wrestler at N.S.B.H.S. his high school.
My brother is also an A + B honorol student. He´s a senious at New Smyrna Beach, well ya know that High School of his. LOL He is in medical acadamy also. He has a strong stomic because he can look at blood and guts and nastey stuff (Yuck) I can´t!
Well, you get it now right? He´s just an awsome guy and I love him. He´s my hero. — B.B.

Well, my hero isn´t one person, it´s two people, because my mom and my dad are my most favorite people on this earth, six years ago, my mom went to nursing school and last year she gratuated, she would study, do laundry, have to deal with me and my brother (I admit sometimes we were loud.) And my dad would help me with my homework, make supper, feed me in the morning and wake me up too. Plus, my mom was working a second job with all that school work, laundry, and me, my brother, and my dad did bug her sometimes, so she is a super hero! And my dad made a good dinner for me and my seventeen-year old brother. My dad also would wake me up in the morning. My dad would also be known as a super hero to me too! My mom is know a RN and my dad is a horseshoer and I couldn´t be prouder of both of them! – S.


My hero is my dad because we like to play football and he helps me when I need it. He makes good choices and is a role mode and works at Kennedy Space Center. — A.

My hero is a sandwich the sandwich is my hero because it fills you up and you will never go hungry. — K.

My hero would have to be Hilary Duff. Hilary Duff is mine because, she inspires me in singing. She is also my #1 role model. I like that she tries to not be something she´s not! She is talented and loyal to her fans. I think Hilary Duff is an amazing actress. She is an All American Girl, she´ll go to awards and be her normal self, When she goes she´ll dress-up casual, and she doesn´t go with black hair, gothic clothing, disgusting make-up, she just leaves her hair and make-up the way it is. Thats what I mean when I say she tries to not be something shes not! My favorite song Hilary sings is Someone Watching Over Me. That song shows that she won´t give up and she won´t break down, on giving up her career on acting & singing!
That´s why I chose Hilary Duff as my hero/Role model!
Oh Yea, we both [heart] the color pink. :)

My hero is my dad. He tries really hard to make my brothers and I be comfortable + happy. I love my dad. What keep me and my dad close is racing, surfinf, and togetherness. We have alot in common. I love going to his house. He makes it fun. They also have Direct t.v. So I get to wacth Full House anytime I want. My dad is my hero and I look up to him. — H.D.

My hero is my cousin Joey he is in the air force he is very kind Hearted and he is very Brave. He is always there and he is fun to hang out with. When things go wrong he always makes me happy. When-ever im in trouble he always gets me out of it. He never thinks of himself he thinks of other people first. I haven´t gotten to see him much since he joined the air force but we still write and I remember befor he left to become a member of the air force we had alot of fun times together. I [heart] him so much and I cant wait till he comes home to visit me and all of his family. I´ll always remember him and how much I love him and what he´s done for me. — A.B.