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Write Whats Right

Stories, Essays and Poems written by students during the Sneetch´s Write What´s Right Contest.

The Blinkees
By T.G., Indian Trails/7th
Mrs. Kim Pandich, Teacher

On a small little island called Palinkee
There lived two very different kinds of Blinkees.
What is different you said?
Well, the main difference is on their head.
The Blue-Haired Blinkees with their hair oh so blue.
And the Bald-Headed Blinkees who don´t own shampoo!

These Blue-Headed Blinkees think they are keen.
When really and truly they are very mean.
They treat these Bald-Headed Blinkees bad.
And leave them with tears in their eyes, and very mad.

The Blue-Haired Blinkees think they are oh so cool.
They thought because they had blue hair, they should rule.
Rule you say. That isn´t fair.
"We can´t help it if we have no blue hair!"

The ruler of all of the Blinkees is Herbert Elden Mores.
He lives in a mansion on the beach´s whitest shores.
Oh how they loved him! He was ever so fair.
That great Herbert Elden Mores and his fuzzy blue hair.

One day while working to help others to get ahead.
Up came a wind and blew the hair from his head.
Everyone was surprised to see, what they thought was hair.
Was really nothing but bare.

It was only then, the Blue-Haired could guess.
That to be different, did not make one any less.
From that day forward the Blinkees,
Lived much happier together on their little island of Palinkee.

Happy Blinkee
Snooties vs. Flooties
(Together is Better)

By S.M., Indian Trails/7th
Mrs. Pandich, Teacher

Who would one did know

The Snooties with their needers pointed high in the air
And the Flooties with tunies coming out of their hair.

They lived in separate parts of rootown,
But whenever they met they wore a roofrown.

They didn´t like each other, not at all.
We´re better than you they would call!

At the roocounty fair they would prove to them all,
Who was the best once and for all!

What you ask, would the prize be?
It was a small rether feather you see!

This feather was quite the prize even though its smallness in size.
It had once belonged to the greatest of all, Fuffer Tumbber Nittaldy Nall!

The Snooties and Flooties practiced day and night.
Each knew they would win, each thought they were right.

Oh how they wanted to win this rether gold feather!
The day finally came with rootabulous weather!

They packed all their noobles, fleeters and more!
They were ready to go when the rooclock struck four.

The crowd stretched for miles and miles around.
Lets go go go go was the sound from rootown!

Who would one did know!
The Snooties were first, they were ready to go!

They balanced their fleeters on top of their needers, while standing on
leeders and holding stacked plews...oh how high those fleeters flew!

Roofabulous! What a show! Would the Snooties one did know!

Now the fabulous flooties were in the spotlight!
If they wanted to win they must do it right!

When they stood one foot the silent crowd feared,
But they didn´t fall those Flooties stood straight and tall!

Then the sound, oh the beautiful sound!
Rootown could hear it from the sky to the ground.

Where did this sound come from that filled the air?
From the tootles atop of their hair!

Wow...two rootacular shows! Now who would win that coveted prize?
No one knew, not even the wise!

Judge number one judged the Snooties the best.
And judge number two picked the Flooties I guess.

There must be a tiebreaker came a shout from the crowd!
Oh how loud loud loud was that noodley crowd!

The Snooties were great at juggling guddles
And the Flooties were wonderful at standing on tutles!

Oh how could they win that rether gold feather
They might have to do some working together!

With a handshake and smile
The Snooties and Flooties came together a while!

Together they juggled 25 guddles and stood high atop 5 tall tutles!

Oh how the crowd flooted and rooted!

Together was better!
They would both win the feather!

Yes, they did win that rether gold feather,
But they also won something much better!
The Snooties and Flooties won friendship forever!


Hopping for Joy Hopping for Joy
Hitler´s Plan
By T.T., Taylor Middle School/8th
Georgianna Clark, Teacher

It was brown eyes vs. blue eyes.
I don´t think that was too wise.
He was a derranged man
With a very strange plan.
He could not stand dark hair,
And brown eyes he could not bear.
It was only blue eyes which he liked
And people with hair so very light.
His hatred for all caused a great war.
He hated the rich and also the poor.
He started a thing they called the holocaust
And everyone knew that all was now lost.
We tried to capture him many times,
For all those many horrible crime.
His name was Hitler, so they´ve said.
They never found him, so they think he´s dead.
This is what happens to all that hate.
They´re victims of their very own fate.

Sneetches Essay
By J.M., St. Peter´s Catholic School/5th
Mrs. Talaber, Teacher

In our religion book at school, prejudice is defined as a dislike or hatred of people because they are different from us in race, sex, religion, age, or any other way.

We are taught that prejudice is a sin. We have learned that everyone is created in God´s image and is deserving of respect. If we do this, our example will be one our younger brothers and sisters can follow. Maybe in time all prejudice will be gone.

It is hard to believe that in the year 2000 people are still judged by the color of their skin and their religious beliefs. My family has told me stories of when they were growing up, when Black Americans were not treated equally and that Dr. Martin Luther King devoted, and lost, his life to righting this wrong. That was over thirty years ago. If everyone realized we are all the same in God´s eyes, it could put an end to hatred.

In my own family, I have two nieces who are Black Americans and two cousins that are Koreans. Their skin color may be different than mine, but I love them as I do everyone in my family. My own skin is darker than my brother Matthew´s, but we are alike in many other ways.

If we practice treating all people with respect, we can fight prejudice. We do not need to like everyone we meet, but we need to love everyone as we do ourselves, and as God loves us.

The Neons
By D.M., Wadsworth Elementary/4th
Pam Cantrell, Teacher

The strange little Neons were weird little creatures who sang from dawn til dusk on the bleachers.

From head to foot they were covered with color as they walked around singing to each other.

Some Neons were red, others were green. There were always Christmas colors to be seen.

Some Neons had high voices, others were dull. In the morning while their chorus sang, the sound would split your skull.

They had so many differences, their voices and their color. You´d think that just these differences wouldn´t matter to each other.

There was so much frustration, arguments and bother. They decided to go their separate ways, and not bother with each other.

It did not take to long you know for them to realize, they could not live without-each other in their lives.

They came together one fine day to sing and celebrate. And when the day was over, they agreed never to separate.

Their color didn´t matter. Their voices were in tune. And that is how this story ends, on that summer day in June.

No Borders
Kathryn´s Story
By K.B., St. Barnabus Episcopal School/2nd
Ms. BeBe, Teacher

In this community there are black haired folk and white haired folk. "We´re the best", said Hattie. "I agree", said Olive. They both have black hair. Me? I´m Areida, I don´t fit in either category. I have brown hair. My category died right after my birth. They died from a plague. I was adopted by Lela and James McGaw. Hattie is ten and Olive is seven. They are supposed to be sisters to me. On our side is a girl named Delphineum. She is in a wheelchair. The white hairs hate her. I am the only one to care for her. The black haired Frances and Andrew (her parents) don´t even care for her.

The next day my secret friend Genine invited me to a frankfurter roast so I bought a nice wig for it. During the roast I heard they were about to declare war. During the period my timing watch went off! We black hairs have to wear timing watches to time how long we stay in the white hair territory. The leader heard it right after he said he wanted to kill - Delphineum! I was horrified. I had to save her somehow. What was I thinking. I had to save myself! I could run. Nah, they could catch me. Finally it came to me. "You aren´t showing Respect, Caring, Patience, Friendship, Cooperation, Effort, Responsibility, Perseverance, Initiative, Curiosity, Flexibility, or Common Sense", I yelled. I did the same thing to the other side.

They did what I told them! Plus, Delphineum was not killed! She got an operation! Now our community is a beautiful and wonderful place! And REMEMBER to use those life skills. But remember, always remember, that if they could do it YOU CAN TOO!

You and Me
By: Jamie, George Marks Elementary/4th
Virginia Cox, Teacher

We are all part of the Human Race,
We are no different, just by face.
God sees us all as just the same,
We are no different, just by name.
We are all part of this place called Earth,
We are no different, just by birth.
If we were the same, we´d all be a bore.
God knew all this and therefore;
He made us all different but loves us the Same.
The Bible says He knows us by Name.
We all need peace to get along.
Not to do so would be very wrong.
So I hope all who read this will come to see
You need to be You and I need to be ME!

You and Me
Guidance Essay
By B.S., St. Peter´s Catholic School/8th
Mrs. Patterson, Teacher

Overcoming our differences is a paramount importance, especially in today´s society. If we build walls up around ourselves, we can miss out on the important things that others have to offer. Just because a person is different does not mean they are insignificant. All people have a purpose in this world or God would never have seen fit to breathe life into them.

I can remember a story once told to me in class. The name of it was "The Sneetches". The story involved two distinct groups of imaginary creatures called Sneetches. The Star-Belly Sneetches and the Plain-Belly Sneetches. The Star-Bellies considered themselves superior to the Plain-Bellies and excluded them from their gatherings. Aman named Silvester McMonkey McBean comes to the Plain-Bellies and offers to give them stars on their stomachs. The Plain-Bellies accept and go to show their new stars to the Sta-Bellies. The Star-Bellies are shocked at this and ask Mr. McMonkey McBean to remove their stars. He does and the whole story repeats itself. In the end, having spent all their money and energy on star removals, the Sneetches discover that we should value people for who they are, not what they look like.

At first we may find it hard to accept others who are different because of ancient prejudices and fears. Man fears what he cannot understand and wishes to separate himself from all his fears. Hence, when we see people preforming customs alien to our own, fear arises and that fear breeds hatred. We need to see people in a new way. We need to see people as God sees them. If we are to change the bigotry of our world, we should start with our own hearts. One way to do this is to try to make friends with people outside of our ethnic group. Make it a point to meet as many different people as you can.

A way for schools to try to promote this is by eliminating the issue of who is dressed better than who. A simple solution to this simple problem is to introduce a uniform code. Schools can also start counseling classes in Pre-Kindergarten and continue through the rest of their curriculum.

A special way for communities to foster feelings of love and acceptance might be to organize a citywide festival celebrating the many diverse cultures of the world. This would bring people of a community together and celebrate their own unique backgrounds.

If we can learn to abolish prejudice and hate on a personal level, we have taken the first step to making a world as Jesus wanted it. We may think that one person does not matter, yet if everyone on earth took a personal vow to cease feelings of resentment to others because of their race, creed, sex, or personal interests, the world would be a much more wonderful place to live.

The Oopses
By C.J.P., Spruce Creek Elementary/4th
Mr. Abadia, Teacher

There once were two groupses,
of creatures called "Oopses."
Young Oopses drove red space cars;
older Oopses drove black cars.

The ones who drove red,
thought the others might as well stay in bed.
The ones who drove black
always had to pick up their slack

The red space car driving Oopses
drove fast together in groupses of Oopses.
The black car driving Oopses
always went slow
while the others had to go, go go!

The black driving ones
said, "Slow down, you are not safe racing through towns!"
The red driving Oopses said,
"Go home! Get out of your nightgowns!"

They couldn´t get along
these black and red driving fools,
We must have a better plan
and stop fighting these duels.

One little red driving Oopsey
came up with a plan that seemed a little loopsey.
They all loved the plan
and worked on it as a happy clan.

They would all drive their cars
to a new place called mars.
They would live in different towns
so they could all drive like clowns.

The black driving Oopses
would live in a nearby black space,
so they could drive slowly
at their own pace.

The red driving Oopses
would live on Mars,
where they could go loopses
driving in their cars.

So, the problem was solved!
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Although they still thought each other could use a driving test!

The Cat and the Dog
By E.S., Holly Hill Elementary/1st
Mrs. Hodges, Teacher

The cat scared the dog.
The dog bit the cat. That made the cat mad.
The cat tried and tried to hurt the dog.
Then the cat thinked about it.
Then the dog thinked about it.
The cat loved the dog.
The dog liked the cat.
They became best friends!

Dog WalkingCat Walking
Write What´s Right
By G.R., Samsula Elementary/5th
Mrs. Gilbert, Teacher

All people are different. They come in different shapes, sizes and colors. They speak different languages, eat different foods and celebrate different holidays. Some people can´t speak, or walk, or can´t do other things that we take for granted. Yet, all people are the same. They have feelings, friends, and customs that are important to them.

Even though people are different, it doesn´t mean that you should treat them differently. If you get to know a person and learn about them and their background, you will find that people that you think are different are really just the same as you.

You should try to get to know people that are not the same as you. Ask them about themselves. They could teach you a lot of interesting things you never knew before. You could learn new holiday traditions, try new foods, and maybe look at situations differently from another person´s point of view.

If you research the cultures of people that are different than you, you could understand them better and you may learn many interesting things. If you know about someone, it would make it much easier to become their friend. A person´s culture will tell a lot about them and their family. When you get to know someone different from you, you will find that you have a lot in common with them. That is how great friendships are born, people finding that they have more in common than they think.

Talking to people and researching their cultures are two ways to overcome your differences. Even though everyone is different, we are all the same, we are all human beings. If everybody hated people that are different from themselves, no one would like each other. People are people, and no two people are exactly alike. But we can all learn to appreciate each other, and be friends.

Ebony and Ivory
By E.S., Coronado Elementary/5th
Mrs. Kelly, Teacher

Ebony is a cat as black as the night,
He was born in a barn, far from anyone´s sight.
He lived for a time in the farmer´s yard,
Then was taken to a pet shop, with a floor cold and hard.

Ivory is fluffy and as white as the snow,
She searches for mice wherever she goes.
The city life was not her style,
She showed up at the pet shop after awhile.

Into the pet shop came a boy jingling money,
The owner asked politely, "Can I help you, Sonny?"
"Yes, I´m here for a cat, but I don´t know which kind,
If you´ll show me your cats, the right one I shall find."

He looked and decided that one would not do,
With so many choices, he´d have to take two.
"The black one and the white one are what I need."
"Those are very good choices," the clerk agreed.

Now Ebony and Ivory live in a house together,
They are the best of friends in any kind of weather.
Their friends, Tabby and Smoky, live on the same street,
And they have a great time whenever they meet.

At nap-time, one pillow is all these friends need,
Or if one finds a mouse, four of them eat, it´s agreed.
They share their food and their litter box,
They play with the same toys, yarn, or socks.

The four friends have no problem with sharing,
They play nicely together and are loving and caring.
They never notice their colors at all,
Always playing together and having a ball!

Gray, and brown, black, and white,
Each is precious in his owner´s sight.
It seems to me, the cats are right,
So why do we humans have to fight?

My Race
By T.S., Westside Elementary/2nd
Ms. Hyman, Teacher

I´ve never been a star-bellied Sneetch
But this one lesson on jealously I could teach.
One day at PE, I was running fast
When a boy behind me started calling me trash
He said I was stupid and dumb
So I kept running real fast and I finally won.
Everyone saw and everyone heard
Each hurtful, hateful word after word
When the race around the backstop was done
All the kids saw that he was no fun
The one thing that kid wanted, he´d never see
Was to run a hard race and to win it like me.

This Land Is Your Land
By M.F., Coronado Beach Elementary/5th
Mrs. Kelly, Teacher

On a Reservation name Tearigans, once lived some Native Americans. They fished and they hunted from sun up, to sun down and cried just like babies when the pioneers settled down.

They went to their leader and said "Can´t you see, these people are crazy, who can they be?" "What do you mean?" said the Big Chief so loud. "We mean they are stealing the land we have plowed!" The Big Chief name Wolfman said to his tribe, "Hurry, Hurry, Have we no pride?"

The Indian men painted their faces. The women and children all took their places. Soon all the Warriors began to dance. Skipping and jumping while chanting their chants. Now is the time they will be told, this tribe of Indians is strong and bold!

The pioneers said, "You Indians should run, we are the white man and we have a gun!" The Indians fought so hard for their land, but the pioneer settlers won the battle at hand.

The white men said to the Native Americans, we now own the Reservation named Tearigins. The Indians searched for a new place to stay, when the pioneer settlers soon came their way. The pioneers and Indians realized one day; they should teach each other the trades of their way. They soon became friends and all worked together, and when this began, they did not fight one another.

Remember this lesson when you have to see that we are the same, yes you and me!

A Tale of Friendship
By J.J.P., Indian Trails/7th
Mrs. Kim Pandich, Teacher

Not to long ago, in not such a faraway land,
There lived Kliggles, Giggles and many Slands

Mostly everyone was happy and had much fun,
And they all laughed and played until the day was done

The sky was neveblak and the ground was alwagreen,
Many had friends, and no one was mean

Trees were reddash, the bushes colease,
Always joy and happiness, and it never did cease

The sun was bright and always warm,
There were no fights, riots or swarms

Never a war, never a battle,
Everyone was nice, not a soul would tattle

But this place was not like others
It was nice, it was called Mount Kolothers

This was the best place in the country of Kalooterville,
Better than Blafacka, Nitherland and Mafallootatill

But in Mount Kolothers, a rivalry had been going on,
For years, months, this rivalry had gone

Neither group like the other, not even for a day,
Minute or second, they always turned the other way

The rivalry was between the Snookilities with their furry hair,
And the Gremanoles, with no hair upon there

They disliked each other all the while,
Never giving one another anything not even a smile

They would go out of their way to avoid each other,
Even if it meant leaving behind a sister or brother

They would always disagree, always quarrel,
Call each other names, like "oneyon" and "smarell"

One when one was called this, the other was called that,
But the others would always retaliate with "gruthin" or "polat"

This had been going on forever and ever,
For as long as anyone could remember

But one day this would all be different of course,
Both groups would be friendly, instead of hoarse

For there came a day, when something went wrong,
There was a flood coming, and it would be there in not to long

The Snookilites started building on a wall,
So that none of their buildings would fall

The Gremanoles did the same,
So that none of their animals would be lamed

With the Snookilites in the east and Gremanoles in the west,
They each built their very best

But when it came a time when just a Gremanole wouldn´t do,
They had to call a Snookilite, so that they would have two

But when the Snookilites needed the skill of the others,
They called over a Gremanole, to help one another

But how could this be, each of them joining together,
To build up a wall, which would be for the better

With a Snookilite with a nail and a Gremanole with hammer in hand,
They helped each other build up a wall to save their land

Higher and stronger both groups built,
Together all over, building to save their skelt

Finally they each had built a wall so high,
That if you climbed it, you could surely touch the sky

The wall was also strong, for it had to be,
They both knew of the coming of the sea

Finally it came, with a rushing roar,
The flood was here and would destroy some more

But because of the effort of each of the groups,
The town was saved, and they each gave out a loud "Hurrupe!"

Then the leader of the Snookilite clan,
Came over to the Gremanole chieftain, and shook his hand

The two signed an agreement of peace,
For when the two groups worked together, they could even build a Shemese

Then after that, there was a great celebration of ending,
The rivalry between the two, which seemed to be a waste of time to be spending

The two groups realized what they had done wrong,
Apologized, and shook hands, for they knew it was too long

Next was a great celebration, with fun and laughter,
A never ending joy, that would go on even after

The two realized what they had done,
They worked together, which was much more fun

The celebration went on for days,
Weeks, and months, always with many "Hurrahs" and "Hoorays"

It was the joining of the two which saved the town,
Friends and family, and everyone around

From that day on, the rivalry died,
Never to re-ignite, for they each had signed

Now these days, you will always see a Snookilite or a Gremanole,
Going together all over the Pole

They all realized that friendship was better,
Than always going out of your way to aviod one another.

"A Tale of Friendship" Glossary

Kliggle - An inhabitant of Mount Kolothers
Gliggle - An inhabiitant of Mount Kolothers
Slands - An inhabitant of Mount Kolothers
nevablak - A shade of blue
alwagreen - A shade of green
reddash - A light red
colease - A light shade of purple
Mount Kolothers - A country in the Pole
Blafacka - A country in the Pole
Nitherland - A country in the Pole
Mafallootatill - A country in the Pole
Snookilities - Inhabitants of Mount Kolothers with yellow bodies an red hair
Gremanoles - Inhabitants of Mount Kolothers with green bodies and no hair
oneyon - A rotten smelling fruit
smarell - A squirrel-like creature
gruthin - Meaning "one-eyed"
polat - A vegetable
skelt - Skin of Snookilities and Gremanoles
hurrupe - A shout of joy
Shemese - An entire country
Pole - A continent