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Bright Ideas Lesson Plans

For use by teachers and parents at school and at home

In cooperation with the Volusia County Reading Council, the NIE program sponsors a contest to solicit from teachers best practices using the newspaper. Elementary, middle, high school and exceptional education teachers annually enter the Bright Ideas contest. Winning teachers receive classroom subscriptions to The News-Journal, a year's membership in the Reading Council, and lots of other goodies including a celebration dinner in their honor.

For the 16th year, The Daytona Beach News-Journal's Newspaper in Education (NIE) Program and the Volusia County Reading Council (VCRC) have sponsored a Bright Ideas Contest to recognize creative and successful ideas for integrating newspaper use into the curriculum.

Back row (L-R): Kim Whitaker, John Navarra, Stephen McPherson, Robert Voges, Camilla Coalson. Middle row(L-R): Evelyn Medina, Justina Thomas-Smith, Elma Rood. First Row(L-R): Karen Brinson, Christine Brown-Basnet, Daphne Berish.

Back row (L-R): Becky Ling, Karen Potter, Rachel Goodnow, Myra Williams, Carole Prior. Middle row(L-R): Karen Haney, Jane Peters, Pollidia Hougham. Front row(L-R): Kasey Lamb, Susan Van Engen, Tina Howard, Kari Nagus.

Other Winners not pictured: Lisa Hess, Donald D'Orto, Diana Sulzbach, Rhonda Adams, Julie Mitchell, Sandra Telemac, Sarah Altier, Debra Woody.

Below are some Bright Ideas organized by grade level.
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K-1 Activities:
First Grade
First Grade Activity
Food for Thought
Learn a Letter and Sound Each Week
Mystery Morgan
Place Value
Reading/Environmental Print
Turning Sand into Pizza
Word Detectives
Word Wall Words

2-3 Activities:
The ABCs of Comics
The Feeling Town
Football Funnies
Geography/Math/and Weather Page
Getting "Center"ed
Holiday Shopping Spree
Letters to Winners
Oral Presentation
Tear & Rip
Where in the World?

4-5 Activities:
A 6 Week's Review with the N-J
Across the Curriculum
Current Events Team Bowl Quiz
Current Events-Word Jar
Everyday Activities
FCAT for All
Making Real-World Connections
On The Road To FCAT Gold
Read to Write
Select and Review
Word Shapes and Alphabet Poetry

6-8 Activities:
Candidates and Primaries in Focus
Current Events
Front Pages, Editorials and Ads
Journal Jeopardy
Literacy Terms
Newspaper Notebook
The POWER of Advertising
Puzzle Fiction
Reading to Residents
Stamps & Writing the N-J as a springboard
Stump the Class
Target Date

9-12 Activities:
Crisis in the Sudan
English, Inc.
Health Life Management Skills
History Past to Present
The Holocaust
Hunt for Read October
Know Your Newspaper
Read, Think and Vote
Reality Math
"Station"ary Ideas
Stump the Panel
The Victorian Salon Experience: Poetry in the News!

Did You Read About That?

Parent-Secondary Activities:
When am I ever going to use this in the real world?

ESE Activities:
A Potpourri of Activities
Delivery Service
Doing What Everyone Else Can Do
ESE Wizards
Exciting Extra Credit
Getting the Message
Imaginary Obituaries
Language Arts
Let's Get Organized
Multi-VE Projects
News Lit Express
News on My Mind and News Is My Life: “My Anewsing Life”
News Safari
Newspapers Are a Necessity for Life
Newsworthy Reference Book
Nightly News Wrap-Up
Pun Intended: Exploring the Play in Words
Student Bodies
Wacky Tacky News

Schaefer Special Twist Activities:
A Kid's Week in Review
A Potpourri of Activities
All Purpose Uno
An African Connection
Around the World in 30 Days
Audio Broadcast
Bagging "Endangered" Species
The Blazing Mouse & Other Activities
Books in "News" Print
Breaking the Ice
C.R.I.S.S. Strategies
Career Search
Cartoons and Onomatopoeia & Cartoon Characters for President
Character Traits Plates
The Chocolate Touch
Civil War Newspapers
Class Update Newspaper
Comic Crime Scenes
Computer Applications in Business 2
The Connecticut Connection
Constitution Day
Creating a Wrinkle in Time
Critical Thinking
Current Events-Parents
Double Trouble
Driving Home the Point
The ESOL News Journal
Economic Regions in the News
Election 2004
"Endangered" Encounters
Everglades Animals
Family Geography Challenge
Family Involvement Using the Newspaper
Far Away Places
FCAT Reading Prep
Feeding Their Imaginations

Florida Front Page History
The Food News Report
Foreign Language 1
Foreign Language 2
For the Record
4th Grade Perspective Club
From Amid to American Idol
Garage Sales Readers
Get A Life
Getting the Most out of the Mini Page
Good Citizens in the News
Good Guys - Bad Guys
Good Sportsmathship
Grammar Search
Grandparents Day
I Want My DADA
Identifing phrases
Impact of a Photograph
The Internet Connection
It's in the Baghdad & CNI - Criminal News Investigators
Keys to the City
Learning Centers
Learning to Be Stewards
Lessons from ChinaLet It Rip

Let's Make a "DATE"
Macbeth and Unnatural Things Collages
Making the Grade with FCAT
Making Sense in Social Studies
Magnetic Poetry
The Marine Science Connection
The Memorable 'News-Journal'
Mini Me
The Mini Page & Mini Math Mystery
Mother Goose and Teacher for Sale
A News-Journal Journey: Passport to Reading Success
News & Names in the Newspaper
The News as Science Experiments
The News on iPod
Newspaper Days
Newspaper Delivery Service on Campus
Newspaper Jeopardy
Newspaper Makes the "Perfect Bonnet"
Newspaper Scrabble
Newspaper Story Books
Newspaper Vocabulary Graffiti
Olympic Reading
Organize an Environmental Education Forum
Paper and Poetry
Parental Involvement
Personal Ads
Personal News-Journals on Video
Picture This
Pigs Will Be Pigs: Fun with Math
Photo/Story Starters
Presidential Candidate Speech
Propaganda Techniques
Questioning the Mini Page
Read Across America
Ready, Set, Go
Re-Use the News
Rhetorical Devices
Sacagawea & Act of Kindness
Save Darfur, Again
Scavenger Hunt
Scientific Scavengers (In Print & Online)
Self-Correcting Coupons
Senior High Coffee Klatch
So, What Are You Doing this Weekend?
State Standards Tie-Ins
Student-to-Student Connection
Substitute Plans
Super Bowl Math & Stock Market Fractions
Symbolism in Literature
Technology in the Real World
Total Integrated Curriculum
Understanding Character
Using the Obits
Wall of News
Weeks  "H", "N," & "W"
Writing Poetry from the News…Look beyond the Facts
Writing Webs
You, Too, Can be a Star!