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Teachers who order The News-Journal for classroom use are encouraged to take advantage of the many quality teacher´s guides available to them. To receive yours, call the N.I.E. office at 681-2436, today!

· ABC´s - En Color (English/Spanish)
· Back to School
· Dr. Seuss Meets Howard Gardner
· Fundamentals for Elementary Students
· The Law
· Measuring Up In Mathematics - Addressing The NCTM Standards For School Math, Elementary
· Newspaper Primary Reading Program - Level One Teacher´s Guide
· Oceans Of Fun - High Seas Adventures In Learning
· Reading To Follow Directions - Practice For K-2
· Read Watch Listen And Learn - Getting To Newspapers, Television And Other Media Around You
· Up, Up And Away!

· Action Against Violence
· Activity Cards
· Using The Newspaper In Upper Elementary And Middle Grades
· Writing With The Newspaper

· Geography In The Newspaper
· Project Success

· Careers (to be reprinted)
· Civic Education in the Newspaper (to be reprinted)
· Food for Thought
· Meet Me at the Mall
· Messages & Meaning - A Guide To Understanding Media
· Measuring Up In Mathematics - Addressing The NCTM Standards For School Math, Secondary
· On Course for College
· Using The Newspaper In Secondary Mathematics
· Using The Newspaper in Secondary Science
· Using The Newspaper In Secondary Social Studies
· Using The Newspaper To Teach Secondary Language Arts

· Action Against Violence
· African American Heritage: 1500 - 1860
· African American Heritage: Civil War Era +
· Black History And The Newspaper
· Celebrate Diversity!
· Celebrate Theatre!
· Challenges & Choices
· Conflict Resolution
· Consumer Choices And Spending
· Creating A Classroom Newspaper
· Daily Miracle: A Student Guide to Journalism and the Newspaper Business
· Elections! - A Guide Designed For The Study Of Elections Through Use Of The Newspaper
· FCAT Daily Activity
· Entering the Workforce
· Five Steps to Fantastic Fitness
· Hispanic Heritage
· The Holocaust
· Knowledge In Bloom
· Library Fun
· Math News - NIE Guide
· NEFE High School Financial Planning Guide
· Newspapers: Exploring the Dimensions of Thinking
· Newspapers Maintain the Brain
· Newspapers: Touching the Kaleidoscope of Your Mind
· A Plan for all Seasons
· Positive Thinking
· Press Ahead - A Teacher´s Guide to Creating Student Newspapers
· Read With the Pros
· Ready, Set, Go
· See You in the Funnies
· Special Education & Cooperative Learning - Using The Newspaper As A Primary Source
· Sports
· Sports Science
· The Stock Market
· Survival Skills For The Student At-Risk
· Study Skills
· The Ultimate Newspaper Activity Guide
· Using The Newspaper To Teach Basic Economics
· Using the News-Journal with Students (A Guidebook for Educators)
· Using The Newspaper with Gifted Students
· We Can All Get Along

· Literacy - Adult Basic Education
· The Newspaper: Your Key To Better Living

· Family Focus Parent Brochure - Reading and Learning Together
· Learning Together
· Parents´ Guide to Using the Newspaper to Improve Learning and Thinking Skills
· Read for Life
· Reading - Make It Your Family Business